How long have you been in business?

Our father, Judd, a true craftsman, started the business in 1970.
What types of projects do you do?

Projects can range from crafting a custom built fireplace surround, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, restoring a house to its original beauty, renovating and adding on to a home or custom building a new home. Big or small, Cates is passionate about building with quality and integrity.
How far do you travel?

Our projects cover the St Croix Valley and surrounding suburbs; including Minneapolis and St Paul.
How do I begin this process?

Sometimes it is as simple as a phone call to a good contractor. At Cates Fine Homes we can guide you through every step of the process on a project of any size. Your budget doesn’t matter; designing within your budget does. It helps at the outset that you have a clear sense of what you want and what your budget is. But, don’t worry if your vision isn’t clear yet; sometimes thinking through that is part of the process as well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - Cates Fine Homes’ expertise will help you think it through.
How do I get an estimate?

Call our office at 651-439-2844 and ask for Jennifer or email Jennifer at jennifer@catesfinehomes.com.
They will assess your project needs and if a visit is necessary for further information, Jay or Jeff will meet with you at your home. Cates Fine Homes is a FAMILY business with family values, and that includes respecting your budget. You will find our cost estimates to be competitive in the marketplace.
How do I know how much a remodel will cost?

This will vary, depending on several factors, such as: existing conditions, scope of project, selections, etc..
To give you some examples:
- bathroom remodel: $20,000.00 and up
- kitchen remodel: $30,000.00 and up
- lower level remodel: $30,000.00 and up
- screen porch addition: $30,000.00 and up
- room addition: $50,000.00 and up
Do I need to hire an architect? Do I need to hire an interior designer?

That will depend on the scope of your project. Cates Fine Homes can help you determine if an architect, engineer or interior designer is needed and can recommend someone that would be perfect for your job.
How do I find a contractor?

As a homeowner, you need to do your homework. Talk to friends and neighbors that had work done on their homes. Were they satisfied with their completed projects? Make sure that the contractor is licensed and fully insured; that means both liability and workmen’s comp. Ask for references on past and current jobs (we will provide) and follow up on them. Were they happy with the results? Were the workers respectful and did they leave the job site neat at the end of the day? Did they show up every day? Would you use them again?
Do you employ your own carpenters?

Among other talented staff, our staff consists of true craftsmen, talented in the field of all carpentry for over 25 years.
What is your relationship with sub-contractors & vendors?

We have trusted & highly skilled sub-contractors. Some have been working with us for over 15 years. Cates Fine Homes has developed a team of sub-contractors who are highly skilled and have developed themselves as 'experts' in their area of expertise. We have also found their pricing is very fair which is the same for the vendors that we use on a consistent basis.
How long will my project take?

That can depend on several factors but Cates Fine Homes is flexible enough that if the project has a deadline, we can rally the team of subcontractors and vendors and do what it takes to make it happen by a certain deadline. If there is no firm deadline, the pace is often set by the client and how quickly they make decisions and selections.
Why should I hire Cates Fine Homes?

Cates Fine Homes is an honorable family owned homebuilder with a long heritage of craftsmanship beginning in 1970. We have developed an unequaled reputation of trust, responsiveness and graciousness. We don’t think homes build themselves, so Cates Fine Homes places relationships with people first. We realize how important this process is to the homeowner and Cates will deliver a gracious, flexible, professional experience at a competitive price. We take care of our clients not only before and during the project but you can count on us after the project as well.