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There is a reason that our motto is “Yes, we can build that”. On the shores of Bald Eagle Lake, MN is a great example of a custom built home, tailored uniquely to the dreams and needs of the homeowners. Architect Michael Huber designed the home for Marilyn and Jim Muellner on the original footprint of the home in order to with slight modification due to set-back codes. The 4,000 sq ft home is a one-of-a kind residence that took 18 months to complete.

The most visually striking feature inside the home is the barrel-vaulted, Douglas fir ceiling. Building this feature was a first for Cate’s Fine Homes, but we’re up for virtually any challenge. The finished ceiling is really a work of art and we encourage you to look through our gallery to see how special it really is. The home’s exterior is a beautiful design consisting of many wonderful angles to take advantage of views, and unique building materials.

For a truely unique perspective on the project, take a look at the video from Michael Huber Architects with it’s amazing drone footage!

Bald Eagle Lake Residence from michael huber architects on Vimeo.

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Tucked away in mature pines on a quiet street in Lake Elmo sat a dated rambler, awaiting transformation. Partnering with Marc Sloot of SALA Architects, Cates Fine Homes took upon the project of bringing fresh life back into the home and creating something as beautiful and timeless as the land it sat upon.  Cates took the home and brought it down to the foundation and some exterior framing. Thinking of use and aesthetics, the home was opened up so living spaces could take advantage of the views and to create an environment suited for the way a modern family lives and entertains.

The remodel was performed with an environmental focus too. Cates met or exceeded Minnesota Green Star Energy Standards through the use of environmentally friendly and energy efficient materials and modern building practices.

The completed remodel includes a full-walkout basement atop a sloping hill which connects the home site to the ponds below. Depth and detail were added through a modern take on a classic bungalow-style residence. Careful attention to detail and craftsman techniques turned a house that was never really noticed, into a show-stopping home full of curb appeal.

Cates Fine Homes has been building and remodeling homes with quality and integrity since 1970. They serve homeowners throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

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Cates Fine Homes has been building custom homes and giving remodel projects a special touch since 1970 so we know a bit about trends vs. lasting design. Exterior trends in homebuilding  typically span a number of years. At first a trend is nothing more than a fresh idea that resonates with a large number of people. Next, forward-thinking builders or developers embrace this idea, refine it, and build a neighborhood around it. They might win some awards and get their work published, spreading the idea further. As time progresses, more and more builders jump aboard with the idea—creating a full-blown trend—and the once great idea starts to get weathered. Through over-use, simplification and cost-cutting happen and homes begin to look cookie-cutter. What once was unique becomes cliche and eventually dated.
Think about about the architectural revivals that started in the early 1990’s. In some neighborhoods, it doesn’t look too fresh anymore, does it? In fact, those homes are already beginning to be remodeled with new exteriors.
As someone building or remodeling a home, what are you to do?
First, consider the classic home styles that never feel dated. Their styles are typically derived from large architectural features—roofline, pitch, mass, proportions—rather than their adornments. Next, get creative. Look at new or alternative materials. Think about recycling or reclaiming materials. Your builder or architect can help and certainly offer up a wealth of suggestions.
Classic home styles mixed with unique materials do two things. 1. They provide a foundation of lasting design and 2. They’ll give you a unique look that can’t be cookie-cutter replicated.  We’ve built many, many homes with this philosophy in mind. Take a look through our galleries for some examples and inspiration!
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Cates Fine Homes is proud to be part of the 1st Quarter 2015 edition of Midwest Home Magazine. Click on the link and follow the Building & Remodeling section to the Cates Fine Homes page


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